To gain competitive advantage

To gain competitive advantage

One of today’s major challenges.

In order to succeed, organisations today must stay one step ahead of the competition.  Sometimes this is in the products or services companies provide, and sometimes it is the business processes behind the products or services.

If you want your organisation to achieve its full potential, win new business in previously unchartered territories and gain competitive advantage, then sometimes significant change is the only way.

Change, if approached in the right way and for the right reasons, is a good thing.  And, as importantly, can be seen as a good thing and understood by the people it affects.

At AiM we understand people, we know systems and we clearly envisage new ways of working.  Approaching these three elements as a whole, ensuring goals are clear, and that any change is designed specifically and correctly from the start and delivered diligently, enables us to help our clients to grow and succeed.


BMC Remedy: Not just for ITSM

Think Remedy is just for IT Service Desks? Think again.

AiM has been deploying BMC Remedy in a whole new way, changing clients’ processes, streamlining workloads and workflow and most importantly opening up whole new revenue streams and new business.

This is an entirely new and different way of using a tried and tested product, to transform businesses and enable them to exceed their goals and growth expectations.  We have clients who are already using Remedy in this way and are reaping the rewards.

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