Employee profile

Employee profile


Service Desk and Change Manager


My background

Ever since a young age I have always had an interest in technology, music, and dinosaurs.

Growing up, I realised the latter of the 3 was an unlikely path for me to take so I embedded myself in a combination of music and tech and studied sound engineering/sound design at University bringing together my love of playing various instruments, singing, and pure geeky tech.

Unfortunately, my first steps in to the world post-graduation were a few years as a Warehouse Operative at the Cooperative. This was definitely not the path I envisioned taking, but the experience definitely shaped my appreciation of things to come.

Whilst working as a Warehouse Operative, I used my down time to tinker with computers, servers and networks at home – and then spending hours perfecting my skills with recording, mixing and mastering music.

With a couple of albums released with my band at the time, lots of press publications, tours and videos recorded – I found my craving for music overpowered by the love of the technology surrounding it.

When the opportunity presented itself for me to enter in to the ever-changing world of IT, I snapped it up without a second thought and so began my career at AiM. My first few years were spent learning the ropes with Wi-Fi installations, systems administration, and countless site visits to our clients. This eventually evolved in to applications support on the service desk, progression to Deputy Service Desk manager, and now a role I never knew I had such a strong passion for – Service Desk Management, and Change Management.


My role summed up

I oversee the smooth operation of the AiM service desk, which includes growing the knowledge of our team, identifying efficient improvement and managing client expectations. In my change management responsibilities, I ensure everything is constantly evolving and we have toolsets that aid in managing change. I have received lots of training to help me in my various roles at AiM, CompTIA Network +, Advanced SAP Business Objects Reporting, BMC Remedy Administration, SQL Database training and ITIL IT Service Management.


My working life

I have an early start so that I can avoid any traffic issues on the A2! Arriving at work shortly after 8, I review the status of tickets check that all time has been logged for the previous day and catch up with relevant team members. I assess priorities and ask my team for updates on ticketing. If new developments are planned, I will attend demos, or I’ll support my team as required. I analyse the statistics and summarise thoughts on the observed trends.

By the end of the day, I have checked on the progress of tickets and caught up with the team to understand the current climate from a 1st line perspective. I also ensure that any changes and releases are making good progress. A final catch up with the team means that all tickets have either been responded to and logged or left open and updated ready for action the next day.

After work I make time for the gym, eat dinner and unwind by spending some time with my cats. If there’s time Netflix is calling!



Software and Reports Developer

I joined AiM in 2011 after graduating from London South Bank University with a Writing for Media Arts degree. My first role was as a Business Analyst, also supporting the business with general admin. Very soon I switched to a Service Desk role where I managed incoming tickets and queries and looked after the general upkeep of our clients’ Service Desk. This soon turned into looking into 2nd line support tickets and then system development. It seemed like a natural progression and it feels like I was given opportunities I may not have otherwise had if I wasn’t working for AiM. I hadn’t envisioned myself in the role I am in now but in some ways it is similar to what I studied – there is a creative element and I am able to look back at something I have created and say, ‘I made that!’


My role summed up

My role consists of 2nd line support, developing on the Remedy platform (creating brand new functionality or modifying existing functionality) and creating or modifying Business Objects reports. I also dabble in SQL database queries and Business Objects Universe design, RemedyForce and SmartReporting.

To explain it simply, I try to meet our clients’ requirements by breaking things over and over again until they work. There is a lot of poring over logs to see where something is going awry, and re-writing or tweaking qualifications in my Developer Studio app.

When I decided to pursue the Remedy Developer role I was offered any training I needed. This has also been the case for any other applications or pursuits – Generally my choices have been supported by AiM which has made me happy to work here as there is a feeling that there is always room for growth.  In addition to Remedy training, I have also received SQL and Business Objects training.


My working life

My working day starts at 9.00am and my first task of the day is to check and reply to any client emails or carry out any admin tasks necessary for that day. I set daily goals to ensure I get as much achieved as possible. Once I am organised, I spend a few hours in the morning developing, with a break for lunch so that I have some time away from the screen. The afternoon is spent developing or dealing with other issues and I always check if there are any Business Objects queries to resolve. I often have a Skype meeting with a client regarding the next drop to Production, so that everyone is up to date and fully informed. I end the day working on documentation, using our lovely custom tool DevSure. There are often client templates and various documents to complete to ensure that development and release is successful. I also catch up with colleagues during this time.

I commute home and pick up my toddler from nursery on the way. When we get home, we eat dinner and then it’s time for the bedtime routine. I try not to think about what I am working on for the sake of a work-life balance, but sometimes I get the best ideas at bedtime. If it’s Monday it’s time for my relaxing yoga class, a good way to start the new week.



Remedy Developer


My background

I heard about AiM when I was looking for a job in 2016 shortly after finishing my Computing degree. I have always been interested in technology and computers so for me a job in support seemed like a great idea as I could utilise this knowledge to help others.

I initially joined AiM in a support role on the customer service desk and after around 18 months I received training to move me into a more development-oriented, client-facing role. I always had a keen interest in coding and system development at university and home, but since joining AiM I have re-imagined this passion and my new role allows me to utilise it every day. I am lucky to be working on something that is a personal passion.


My role summed up

My role as a Remedy Developer essentially requires me to take customers’ requirements, document them and then turn them into reality. I work with a multitude of different clients who use their systems very differently – including highly customised Remedy and RemedyForce/Salesforce systems as well as those which are less customised but still bespoke to the client. The diversity of the clients and systems ensure that every day at work is an interesting one with plenty of variety and room for learning.

Since joining, AiM has provided me with many opportunities to learn new systems, processes and activities. This has included being given significant training in Remedy from fundamentals through to ITSM developer. I’m often given the chance to develop new & different items for most of our clients and follow these all the way through to the go live and the fulfilment of every requirement.

A regular week at AiM is normally a mix of being in the office, spending time on client site or working from home. There’s plenty of flexibility around working arrangements and no two weeks are the same!


My working life

I normally spend some time first thing getting ready for the day and laying out travel plans depending on where I am. This can mean going on a train to spend time on client site or heading into the office in Dartford. Once I’m in the office, I plan the day and work out what I want to achieve. I also create business requirement documents for new changes and scope them out to see what is required.

For most of the day, I work on developing changes to systems and documenting everything in the AiM Remedy DevSure application and in a blueprint. I also ensure any steps necessary for rolling out new code or updates are fully documented so that clients can receive the same high level of service from any member of the team. At the end of the day I wrap up and finish off any loose ends. I’ll use Microsoft Teams to communicate with other members of the team or share progress on higher profile changes.

Once work has finished, I tend to relax in the evening by playing computer games or watching TV – “Suits” is a personal favourite!  Otherwise I’ll be out and about with friends and family and making the most of any nice weather (when we actually have it!).