Quality Management

Quality Management

Quality in an organisation is about fitness for purpose and can be applied to products, services and processes. Quality is also a key feature of project management, where products must pass quality criteria before they are accepted for release.

Quality Management: Products and Services

A quality product/service is one which fully meets the purpose for which it is intended. Quality is defined by the International Standards Organisation (ISO) 8402 as:

“The totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bears upon the ability of a product or service to satisfy stated or implied need.”

Designing and delivering quality products and services to customers – internal and external – are important in all organisations. There are a number of methods used to manage and assure quality control in systems of production and projects, as well as reducing error and rework.

AiM can offer quality experts experienced in quality control, quality assurance and quality improvement. Please also refer to our service business improvement.

Quality Management: Processes

Quality management for processes is about ensuring that an organisation works in a precise and consistent way to deliver business to its stakeholders. Central to this is a Quality Management System (QMS) which documents processes, procedures, policies, guidance and forms, and provides baseline controls against which staff in the organisation are expected to work. The QMS also normally includes a quality manual. It should be noted that quality processes are NOT a guarantee of generating quality products and services, but an organisation that has quality processes in place is far more likely to achieve them.

The ISO 9000:2008 series of international standards define quality management in processes and any organisation which proves it is compliant with the standard during a stringent audit receives the much coveted quality certificate. The certificate is retained by yearly repeat audits from an accredited ISO 9000 company.

AiM quality experts can advise and consult on quality management, and generate a QMS adapted to your organisation with all its components. We can implement the QMS and embed it into the way you work using training and awareness sessions. We can prepare you for audit against ISO 9000, arrange certification audits and post award regularly check for compliance that the QMS is being applied consistently and accurately.

AiM is Quality Certified. Click here for more information.