GDPR Discovery Reviews

GDPR Discovery Reviews

By carrying out a Discovery Review for your organisation, we can help you to understand the scope of GDPR compliance implementation, and after implementation to check that GDPR compliance continues to work correctly.

Via questionnaires, interviews and site visits, AiM will review all aspects of your compliance with GDPR.  Dependent on the duration and scope of the review, AiM will deliver:

  • A data inventory detailing the documents and repositories where personal data is maintained;
  • Data maps showing the flow of data through your organisation, highlighting hotspots which may require enhanced security or process changes;
  • An assessment of your information security status;
  • An assessment of your policies and procedures;
  • A review of your business-as-usual practices highlighting risk areas;
  • Recommendations for the appointment of a data protection officer; and
  • Recommendations for the changes required to move towards GDPR compliance.

The resulting recommendations can be used as the basis for the appointment of a data protection officer, and to guide the transition towards GDPR compliance.

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