Collaborative Work Management

DataChain® is a complete and integrated collaborative work management tool, providing end-to-end straight-through processing capability for organisations that need control and management information over all aspects of a case-management driven operational process.

DataChain® is an enterprise-level tool available as on-premise and cloud.  DataChain® is fully agnostic using APIs and modern protocols to integrate with systems that input and output data as part of its work management process.  Input systems include document scanning systems, email, SMS, web-portal, telephony; output systems include email, SMS, web-portal and EDM such as DataTrove®.

DataChain® integrates with all functional databases – eg finance, pension, HR, IT – for the access, import and processing of data required to complete a work management process.  DataChain® is equipped with functions such as SLAs (service level agreements to ensure service targets are met), OLAs (operating level agreements to ensure teams work effectively in a process), web-portal, user consoles and a comprehensive management information reporting engine and dashboards that can generate sophisticated real-time operational reports, as well as historical trending and comparative reports.

DataChain® is useable by both end-user organisations and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) service providers and can be accessed internally or by third party organisations across the internet.  It operates on a role-based design, with a full data rest and transit row-level security model to safeguard against unauthorised access.

DataChain® is multi-tenant framework tool which means that non-native functionality can be built on the system without the need and cost of implementing additional point solutions.  Examples of non-native systems we have developed include call centres, training course bookings, investments, sales, customer complaints, risk and compliance, project and programme management, incident management, change management, business continuity.

DataChain® user interface and navigation are designed as user-first, making use of intuitive processes and wizards to allow a user to complete a task easily and quickly.  The web-portal also allows an organisation to reach out effectively to both its internal teams and external customers.

DataChain® has helped organisations improve their productivity by an average of 30% and in some cases as high as 75%.

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