DataEstate® Toolset

DataEstate® Toolset

Data Management – Meeting Data Challenges

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Data Management Toolset

Compliance, Cleansing, Transformation, GDPR

Collaborative Work Management

Electronic Document Management


Whatever industry an organisation is in, data is its crucial resource.  Without access to accurate, portable data which can be referenced, processed, and transformed where necessary, an organisation can’t function to deliver its business or service its customers.

The AiM Next Generation R&D Services team has developed an initial suite of digital software tools providing a fusion of key developments in the IT industry over the past 3-5 years, with data management at its centre.  These developments include robotic automation, artificial intelligence (AI), APIs, data cleansing, electronic document management, and straight-through processing. Plus, a cloud-first strategy for many organisations means that software as a service is increasingly important as an alternative to on-premise tools.

AiM’s DataEstate® toolset can support any type of organisation, although particularly useful for the financial services, pensions, payroll, insurance, risk and fraud detection industries.

The current DataEstate® product suite is outlined in the links below.  AiM has an exciting roadmap for adding and enhancing its toolset, so be sure to visit this webpage regularly.

Service Benefits from using AiM

AiM’s DataEstate® is one of the most sophisticated and flexible tools of its type on the market.

Please contact us if you would like to know more, require a demonstration or are interested in a proof of concept of any of the tools.  We are also happy to share case studies on where these tools have been used to meet client challenges and the success stories.


Data Compliance and Integration


Enterprise Level Electronic Document Management


Collaborative Work Management

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