BMC Remedyforce

BMC Remedyforce

Modern IT service management in the cloud

BMC Remedyforce is built on Salesforce1 – the world’s most widely used cloud platform – to deliver complete IT service management functionality with the secure, social, mobile and collaborative capabilities users expect.

  • Intuitive administration and configuration keeps you focused on delivering business value
  • Seamless upgrades ensure you get the most value from your Remedyforce investment
  • Personalised self-service gives users new access to service offerings
  • Automation and integration reduce manual labour and streamline service delivery
  • Dashboards and analytics drive information sharing and informed decisions.

Remedyforce is a joint collaboration between BMC Software and SalesForce, creating an ITSM tool from the cloud up on the world’s leading platform –  RemedyForce has been developed to respond to the ways that organisations build and consume technology. The line between personal and corporate ownership of IT infrastructure is less clear and communication between individuals and groups has become instantaneous and collaborative.  And as cloud applications form a greater proportion of an organisation’s IT portfolio, the deployment and ownership of critical business systems are changing rapidly.

Remedyforce has been designed to respond to these changes and new challenges to IT support teams by offering an intuitive and modern delivery of high-quality support to users and end-users alike.  The system enables the delivery of interactive IT support services — accessible anywhere and at any time, and will support evolving complexities of customers and suppliers, but remain compliant with ITIL best practices.

Remedyforce has a contemporary look, is easy to set up and use, and as a cloud solution requires no capital investment, infrastructure upgrades, or software maintenance. It focuses on the consumerisation of IT services and collaboration, coming equipped with all the key ITSM modules and a social network look and feel as standard Out-of-the-Box.

Furthermore, Remedyforce requires no coding or scripting and is easily configurable, providing seamless integration with the AppExchange ecosystem of 2,500 certified apps.

Remedyforce is excellent at meeting the needs of organisations:

  • with straightforward and less differentiated ITSM requirements and where their tool strategy and data security policy supports cloud deployment;
  • who require a speedy implementation of ITSM and getting a tool quick to value;
  • who don’t require any considerable ‘heavy lifting’ from their tool; and/or
  • who need an entry level tool to meet short term ITSM needs for a smaller number of users, but who may need to expand its usage quickly, or need it to be part of a migration path to larger Remedy tools, if the user/end-user volume, usage and scope changes significantly.
  • All Remedy products are based upon the same architecture and common data model, which means it is easy to migrate from one product to another.


Locate, Identify, Interrogate and Classify your databases for GDPR clarity

Our Discovery dB tool, DataBelt®, works with BMC Remedyforce to deliver incredible granularity and classification of data for GDPR.

  • Locate and identify all your databases
  • Create data mapping information
  • Catalogue, interrogate and classify relevant data
  • Analyse, update and comply with regulations
  • Ensure continuous improvement

AiM can provide expert support to an organisation at any and all stages of the GDPR compliance lifecycle. In particular we provide:

  • Discovery reviews to understand scope of GDPR compliance implementation, and after implementation to check that GDPR compliance continues to work correctly;
  • Qualified compliance lawyers with expert knowledge of the GDPR regulations and wider corporate governance demands;
  • IT solutions to locate, identify, classify and protect all data – personal and non-personal – implement and maintain data inventories, data maps and to ensure all other requirements of GDPR compliance operate and are tracked effectively; and
  • Interim DPOs who can provide a cost-effective solution for organisations not wishing or unable to appoint full time roles.


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