BMC Software Development

BMC Software Development

Although a powerful product set up and configured ‘out of the box’, BMC Remedy ITSM comes with a powerful development platform – AR System – that allows full customisation of workflows, functions and processes to meet the precise needs of an organisation, where such changes are critical to their normal operation.  Remedy represents a true enterprise framework solution, which will integrate with point solutions, or deliver bespoke workflow functionality through customised modules.

AiM’s development teams are experts in understanding complex business requirements and developing specialised workflows on Remedy to deliver specific functional modules.  Indeed, Remedy is so flexible that we have developed a number of bespoke non-IT business functions, covering:

  • Operational work management;
  • Customer complaints;
  • Collaborative tool bringing together customer work forecasting, ordering and fulfilment via web portal;
  • Investment trading desk;
  • Financial management and control (linked to corporate finance systems);
  • Regulatory and standards compliance; and
  • On-line training booking system.

AiM’s development teams work efficiently and quickly, and through our agile approach use iterative prototyping to engage the customer and ensure we converge on a solution which fully meets business needs.  The modern design of Remedy using overlays means that upgrades to bespoke code could not be easier.

Remedyforce is highly configurable and allows the customer to develop workflows – both IT and non-IT – easily and quickly ‘out of the box’.  Like Remedy, Remedyforce also comes with a development platform to allow sophisticated enhancements to be made.

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