IlluminIT™ by VNT automatically generates an interactive map of your business applications and the underlying IT infrastructure so you can manage IT from a business perspective. With a clear picture of how IT affects business applications, IlluminIT enables effective decision-making, smart incident management, instant change impact simulation and rapid change audits. For companies in finance, government, communications and more, IlluminIT is helping prevent outages, ensure SLAs, and streamline operations.

The Challenge – Lack of Visibility

To understand the relationship between IT and the business, organisations must have an accurate picture of applications and supporting infrastructure – including web servers, application servers, databases, mainframes, and more. Without a business service map, handling alerts or making any change to the data centre can lead to service delays and outages. Yet despite the risks, many organizations do not have a service map, simply because there is never enough time for the tedious, manual process of keeping it up to date.

IlluminIT – Mapping the Way from Business to IT

The IlluminIT Business Service Mapping platform provides new insight into the relationship between applications and infrastructure. Without the need for any manual coding or documentation, IlluminIT creates an intuitive, interactive map of the environment that can be used by a variety of stakeholders in order to manage planned and unplanned changes safely and effectively.

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Unique Technology

IlluminIT uses a unique, top-down approach to create interactive business service maps. With patent-pending technology, IlluminIT intelligently identify business services and the IT components that support them. IlluminIT generates a Business Service Catalog (BSC) with intuitive names and populates CMDB, Monitoring systems, Asset Management, BSM, and other software. IlluminIT supports all major platforms including web, client-server and legacy mainframe.

Always up to Date

A business service map is only useful when it is up to date. With state-of-the art detection and analysis technology, IlluminIT identifies changes to both the application and the infrastructure and keeps the map current and relevant. Nonintrusive, it has virtually no impact on the production environment. Those up to date maps reflect the current blueprint of the organization business to IT topology, business application dependencies, links between different environments and subnets, like test to production connections or DR connections to the main site, and more.

Built-in Change Management Tools

IlluminIT features built-in change impact simulation and change audit tools. They enable you to track changes that have already occurred, and to simulate the effect of planned changes on business applications as well as individual business services.

Application and Business Service Monitoring

Using real time alerts generated from the organizational monitoring system, IlluminITprovides business level understanding of application and service issues – allowing IT staff to respond and resolve them more quickly, by pinpointing the root cause of service affecting issues – so that IT staff spend their time fixing issues rather than spending time searching for the root-cause of the problem.

Thanks to IlluminIT, application and underlying infrastructure issues are prioritized based on their business impact – ensuring that the most critical issues are addressed first, and enables IT to provide business value.

The Key to BSM and CMDB Success

The IlluminIT Business Service Mapping platform is the cornerstone of a successful BSM initiative. It works seamlessly with standard BSM, CMDB and CMS systems. It automatically populates configuration databases with the missing business service layer, saving weeks of painstaking manual work – and keeps the information up to date. With IlluminIT, organizations can finally manage incidents, changes, and new developments at the service level – and at the speed of business.


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