Data Roundtable – 27th November 2018

Data Roundtable – 27th November 2018

Are pensions scheme still stumbling in the dark with poor data?

Join AiM at the Pensions Management Institute on Tuesday November 27th for a morning roundtable discussion.

Topics to include:

  • What are the benefits of good data?
  • The legal position – TPR’s view
  • Is the general data protection regulation (GDPR) working well?
  • Will schemes’ data be ready for the Pensions Dashboard expected to launch in 2019?
  • How does poor data impact on scheme funding?
  • Can you get a better buy-in / buy-out deal with good data?
  • How do we fix the problem / improve data?
  • What tools are there on the market for improving data?
  • What priorities should pension scheme managers have for fixing data?
  • Is data cleansing too costly?
  • Do pension schemes give cyber security a high enough priority?

This seminar is free to attend and interested parties can register here.

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