Breaking new digital boundaries in infrastructure ‘Big Data’

Breaking new digital boundaries in infrastructure ‘Big Data’

We are helping organisations break new digital boundaries in the infrastructure ‘big data’ revolution by using integrated BMC and VNT discovery and mapping tools (infrastructure and business services) with major customers in the banking/insurance industry as well as those in consulting, leisure and other verticals.  The application of the tools is wide ranging, and the key usage areas that customers are looking at include:

  • Dynamic dashboard monitoring and business impact analysis (what services are up and down, and functions impacted)
  • IT governance risk and compliance
  • Infrastructure big data
  • Data centre moves/consolidations
  • Audit compliance

Resilience and disaster recovery planning for complex IT environments including the creation of service HEAT maps.

The tools works with multi-platform CMDBs and integrate with tools such as BMC ADDM to provide a top to bottom capture process.  The toolset is completely platform agnostic.


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