At-the-Desk GDPR Employee Awareness webinar

At-the-Desk GDPR Employee Awareness webinar

Our At-the-Desk two hour interactive webinar is delivered to your employees by our CIPP(E) qualified GDPR consultants in individual or group sessions (1-100 users), giving an overview of the key points of the GDPR, your employees’ obligations, and their own rights.  This interactive session includes a Q&A section where your employees can ask questions to our fully qualified GDPR trainers.

These briefings can be arranged at a time convenient to your business.

The ideal audience will be those employees who need to be aware of the GDPR, who have some involvement in processing of personal data, or those who are involved in implementing GDPR compliance.


Our two-hour interactive webinar costs £165 per user, with group discounts available.




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