Shared services: the way to go

Shared services: the way to go

By Alastair Youngson, Business Analyst

It’s a common misconception that humans evolved from apes, whereas we both evolved from a common ancestor. In fact, we are still evolving, alongside every other living organism on the planet.

Without evolution, what was successful ten years ago, can suddenly become stagnant and ineffective. So, the need to continuously improve how we exist is one of the key components to life.

This is true, not only in humans, apes and other living organisms, but also in companies.  Yet there is one key difference. With companies, we get to choose how we evolve.

Understanding the key drivers for evolution such as being quicker, stronger or more responsive is critical for providing that competitive edge. Also, just like Neanderthals in the natural world if you are unable to adapt to your surroundings, your company could risk becoming extinct.

Adopting a Shared Services structure is a proven method of delivering those basic needs for your company. Allowing you to process your requirements faster, and in turn making it more efficient, responsive to change and ready for new challenges and opportunities.

Enforcing economies of scale, whilst providing a better service for your end users is essential for any company looking to remain competitive in today’s fast-moving business environment. So, having a platform, which allows you to drive change and constantly evolve and flex to meet more complex requirements can make the difference between your company being the next Homosapien or the next Neanderthal.

Don’t choose stagnation.  Choose Shared Services.