Remedyforce – Beyond IT Service Management

Remedyforce – Beyond IT Service Management

By Matt Smith, Head of Solution Architecture

Choosing a new IT service management (ITSM) tool can be a tricky task. For starters, there are a lot to choose from. And they all pretty much do similar things.

Can I report on service levels? TICK! Can I raise a change request directly from an incident? TICK! How about a CMDB? You guessed it, TICK!

Customers are ever increasingly looking for the unique selling point of a new product. So what about Remedyforce? How does it set itself apart from the competition?

We have recently completed a highly successful rollout of Remedyforce to a key player in the financial services industry. Looking to improve their IT processes, improve SLA performance and provide a better experience to their analysts and customers, Remedyforce was on their radar.

During our initial pre-sales meetings it became clear that Remedyforce could play a diverse role within the organisation. Yes, ticking the right boxes when it came to IT was of huge importance, but the client was also interested in improving its service across the board.

How about HR? What about facilities? How can we improve our joiners, movers, leavers (JML) process? Integrations must be hard though, right? Can we do project management on it?

For those of you that are not familiar with Remedyforce, it sits on the platform – The same platform that Salesforce is built on. This brings with it many unique selling points, two of which are of particular importance to my client and were deciding factors when it came to tool selection:

The first is the ease of development on the platform. It utilises what we call declarative development – drag and drop, wizard driven screens that allow customers to create complex workflow rules even if they’ve never written “Hello, World!” in their life. This means that non-native processes can be quickly developed and deployed within a matter of minutes or hours, not days. With Remedyforce you’re not just getting an ITSM tool, you’re investing in a powerful work management platform that can support any business process. And what’s more, Remedyforce contains content packs OOTB for HR and Facilities. So you can be up and running with industry-relevant categories, web portal requests and processes within minutes. also brings with it an established eco-system. Think of it like the app store on your smartphone. If you want a new app, you simply download it – You don’t need to get a new phone for each app you use. For any company that has ambitious growth or business change plans is a very smart move. It can grow with you. And best of all, your apps are all in one place with one username and password and are automatically kept up to date – No upgrade projects required here! And integrations? No need! This level of scalability and choice is unique to Remedyforce and the platform. You won’t find this with the competition.

So, back to my customer. Remedyforce and is now looking after key areas of their business. Their IT processes have been transformed; they’re seeing improved SLA performance and an increase in customer satisfaction. Importantly, Remedyforce is also showing its flexibility by supporting HR and facilities teams across the organisation too, while at the same time running their complex JML process.

Project management is also handled on through leading PM app Cloud Coach. An app which just natively works with Remedyforce. Want to link an incident to a project? Want to see project progress and SLA performance within a single report? It’s all there OOTB with no coding or integration required.

So when people refer to Remedyforce as an ITSM product I would have to agree – It is! But if I was in the market for a new tool for my IT analysts, I’d also want to know what the product has to offer to all parts of my business. Not that it just supports HR, facilities and general work management, but that it does so with ease, OOTB with no integrations.

Oh, and did I mention no upgrade projects required? Heaven!