How to best source your IT and non-IT services

How to best source your IT and non-IT services

By Steve Ackland, CEO

Problem with modern business life is there are too many options. We are spoilt for choice.  And nothing is more true than when an organisation is at a crossroads in deciding how to source or continue to source the services (IT and non-IT) it needs at the best value and quality.

So what to do? The two polarised solutions are to deliver the services in-house or to outsource to a third party vendor. But each strategy brings risk. What if the in house team is not performing as well as it should and the unit costs of service are far greater than could be expected. Perhaps a benchmarking exercise against third parties should be conducted to see how cost-effective the in-house service is. Alternatively, another option is to outsource the services to a third party vendor, or if the service is already outsourced to change the vendor, but making the wrong choice of vendor can mean the organisation is locked into an unhappy relationship for a number of years during which the objectives for service outsourcing could fail to be met. Finally an option is to bring outsourced service provision back in-house.

To help organisations who are at those strategic sourcing crossroads to make informed decisions on the next steps to take, AiM uses its successful Better Value Services (BVS) review to assess an organisation’s DNA and how that aligns with an effective sourcing approach. This provides an analytical way of quantifying risk and reward and will provide the all-important signpost for the direction that is the best decision for the organisation to take. And our experts can then help the organisation to execute successfully that decision.

In the BVS review, a clear option will be recommended. There are normally 4 possible key routes to take, and the recommended one will be a progressive step beyond the status quo. And this is important as continuous service improvement is the driver behind conducting the BVS review in the first place to deliver better quality services more cost effectively.

For those who have outsourced service delivery through our BVS service or who have outsourced separately, we can work with to undertake assurance audits of their outsourcing programmes, vendors and contracts to ensure the relationship remains fully aligned and fully achieves the expected return on investment.

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