GDPR – Your best idea ever…

GDPR – Your best idea ever…

By Steven Orpwood, Senior Consultant and DPO

In my last article I suggested that the advent of the GDPR could be a positive, rather than something to be feared. My belief is ethical business practices and responsibility to customers and employees may not always be easily aligned with the need to pay the bills, but thinking about and adhering to the GDPR will definitely give your conscience a good night’s rest and may even positively impact your bottom line.

It’s all well talking about it, I hear you say, but what do you do in practice? Well think of a business where you only hold and use the data you need, where your processes are streamlined and efficient, where it’s easy to find data on your servers, where that data is secure, and where the contracts you have with your vendors clearly define the service they are providing. Just imagine. This utopian world can often feel like a work of fiction, but actually, these are the principles the GDPR promotes. Essentially, thinking about the problem of efficiency from a different perspective can give a whole new view of the concept and what it means.

So take a moment to look at what you do. Do you really need all that data? Is your unstructured data truly unstructured, stored randomly, with multiple copies in multiple places? Have you considered how easy it is to access your network, or the security of data in transit from one system to another, or to another processor? Do the contracts we have with other companies clearly define the service and what is happening to data now, and what will happen in the future? The answers to these questions will solve a lot of GDPR problems and may well streamline your business too.

So what are you waiting for, start thinking GDPR and see the benefits for yourself.


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