Disruptive technology explained – AI

Disruptive technology explained – AI

From the AiM New Technologies team.

What is AI?

If I have a problem with one possible solution, I can use a computer to assist me in solving it.  If I want to do it often, I can programme a computer to solve the problem for me.  However, in neither of these cases is the computer doing something I haven’t asked it to.

What happens when we introduce Artificial Intelligence?  AI not only calculates but evaluates, so if my problem has many potential solutions all of a varying efficiency, I can use AI to assist me in finding the ‘best’ possible solution, or set of solutions.

Note that the AI is not sentient, i.e. it doesn’t think and it’s not applicable to many different situations, but it does allow me to use the calculating power of a computer to look at a huge number of solutions and make decisions based on logical rules for a single problem type.

Will AI make me redundant – not yet.

Will it give me a competitive advantage – almost certainly.



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