Next generation self-service with BMC MyIT

MyIT is a modern self-service app that reduces IT friction, cuts support costs, and boosts customer satisfaction. Imagine the ease of formless IT, productivity of context-aware services, and freedom of social collaboration—and you have MyIT.

Social IT: When you open MyIT, it gives you a snapshot of your day, displaying your activities feed with upcoming appointments, pending requests, unresolved issues, and alerts from systems you use in your daily work.

Formless IT: No more forms, no more fuss. Instead of filling out a long form when you need help, simply write a short post saying what you need.

CrowdsourcedIT: Now everyone can help IT discover and manage the IT environment. Users can add assets to the location-aware floor maps with drag-and-drop ease.

App Store: Integration with BMC AppZone gives you fast and secure access to mobile, cloud, and desktop software from any device.

Appointments: For IT help, you can schedule in-person assistance or virtual sessions via chat or phone, Skype or Google+.

Take a closer look

  • Deflect routine help desk calls to decrease the cost of high-priority tickets by 33%.
  • Cut IT-related downtime by 25% by connecting business users to IT services anywhere, anytime, on any device.
  • Find more time and resources for critical IT transformation projects.
  • Use across iOS, Android, or any device with an HTML5 browser.
  • Combine MyIT and Remedy with SmartIT to set a new service desk standard for the for the modern workplace.